Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


The Holocaust & 9/11

That is what a "Dr." Rebecca Carley uses to compare vaccinations. She uses language like "holocaust of autoimmune diseases," calling vaccines the "true weapons of mass destruction," and ends her letter with, "Let's roll..."

To show such utter disrespect to the countless victims of the holocaust and of the September 11th terrorist attacks, how absolutely tasteless and unforgivable. For one, comparing autism to anything close to what those victims suffered is absurd. And for two, attempting to create the same passion one would have regarding the violence brought upon by extremists, to the autism-vaccine debate is appalling.

After reading her "theory," I have to say Kirby's fuzzy numbers don't look quite so bad. Seriously, though, she can't stand Kirby and is very fueled right now due to the "concession case." She, or her cohort(s), is posting messages on "recovery" boards, with that disturbing language referencing the holocaust and 9/11. It is a long, drawn-out manifesto, dropping plenty of scientific terms to almost sound legit. But, anyone with their head screwed on properly is quick to realize these are merely conspiracy-charged, senseless rantings.

She claims to have "reversed" all autoimmune diseases (including autism) and cancer in over 2,000 clients over the pas 9 years. This number includes pets. Although, it's not clear what percentage were animals who were "cured."
It's scary to think she is posting her propaganda on these message boards. It appears to me, the parents there, may not have their heads quite screwed on. I wonder how many phone calls or emails she actually receives? The only hope may be that most of these parents worship David Kirby so much, they won't be swayed to try her "Hippocrates Protocol." Granted, I can't really say her methods are any worse than that of DAN!

She has a statement on her site, declaring she is NOT licensed to practice medicine and can never be licensed. The reason she gives? If she were to be licensed, it would be a "conflict of interest," and she would be forced to "promote" vaccinations. She further states she is not board certified. Why? A trend is appearing; she is not board certified because she is "developing the specialty" of "vaccine induced diseases, she refers to them as VIDS). She explains that "VIDS" is THE "umbrella under which...internal medicine, pediatrics,...psychiatry actually reside." Huh? At this point, is anyone really still calling and having this woman evaluate their child, or even their pet?

On this "doctor's" website, which is so very professional looking (sarcasm), she also detail the bizarre goings-on, in her words, about losing custody of her son. She has her story, and then there are the legal documents I have seen about this case. Let's just say they don't quite match up. She does, however, divulge that at the NYS medical board hearings, she was charged with having a "delusion of conspiracy." The list of folks I'd like to see charged with that seems to grow each day...

This is the first I have heard of this woman. Figured they were others who also had never come across her. The more you read from those "crusading" to rid the world of vaccines, the more your realize how lacking in scientific data and how nutty is. If you are interested, here's some more, on this "doctor":



Club 166 said...

She's a trip, isn't she?

I actually wrote a bit about her last year, too.


S.L. said...

Thanks, Joe. I just read your piece on her. It just gets stranger. Quite a trip, indeed!

Oh, and, aside from the DAN message boards this "Dr." Carley is also sending her "manifesto" to mito boards now too!