Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


Autism Acceptance: The Indigo & Crystal Way?

On one hand, the Indigo movement (or whatever you want to call it) claims to "embrace" children with differences, and that crystal children should be respected, that their "differences" are meaningful and are gifts. Crystal children, it seems, are essentially kids who have sensory integration issues, autism (or autistic symptoms), ADHD, gifted children, etc.

When I further "researched" the Crystals and such, I was surprised to find some similarities between them and those who speak of acceptance for autistics. For one, this group of people are very anti-medication. Many members of the Autism Hub, feel medication is overused. Most of us hold off on medication except for seizures, self-injury, debilitating anxiety, etc. We don't simply put our child on drugs because they are diagnosed with autism. And we are certainly against autistic individuals being drugged and locked up in institutions. Another similarity was the belief that these "Crystals" are a further step in "evolution," and somehow a higher state of being. I have heard more than one Aspie speak like this. Very controversial, for sure, but another correlation between these two groups.

From the Starchild website:

In my book "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children", I wrote that ADHD should stand for Attention Dialed into a Higher Dimension. This would more accurately describe that generation. In the same vein, Crystal Children don't warrant a label of autiem. They aren't autistic! They're AWE-tistic!

These children are worthy of awe, not labels of dysfunction. If anyone is dysfunctional, it's the systems that aren't accommodating the continuing evolution of the human species. If we shame the children with labels, or medicate them into submission, we will have undermined a heaven-sent gift. We will crush a civilization before its had time to take roots. Fortunately, there are many positive solutions and alternatives. And the same heaven that sent us the Crystal Children can assist those of us who are advocates for the children...and its a good direction!

So, I find it even more interesting that the belief system, if you will, that Ms. McCarthy holds near and dear, has such a theme of acceptance. They promote the idea that diagnoses like ADHD and autism are wrong, and given too often to these "crystals." Which further begs the question to Jenny: is it really all these Crystals being misdiagnosed--and not really a rise in autism or ADHD cases? Or is it the vaccines? I'd be interested to get her take on that.

I find it odd that in one breath, McCarthy speaks so highly of the Indigos and Crystals, and one would then think she would be accepting of her son's uniqueness (i.e. autism or autistic traits). And yet, the message of Jenny McCarthy is one of "fixing" and "altering" these children (with the goal of recovery, i.e. being indistinguishable from their peers). She tells us that her "perfect child" was "all of a sudden" gone. She now proudly declares she "recovered' him and that he now is no different than his peers.

Kryon's statement on Autism can be found here (click on "Autism). I must admit, I find myself agreeing on at least two of these statements, the first that Autism is genetic or at least something that a child is born with, not something they "catch" later (I have said before I feel my daughter was born the way she is, that it is a core part of who she is--not something separate nor caused by toxins, etc.). The second, is the last statement in the answer:
Perhaps it’s time Humans moved a bit in their direction, instead of teaching them how to exist in yours?


Laura from Autism is Beautiful said...

Great post - I think my son is perfect as he is, and it always puzzles me when people don't think that way about their autistic children. I think it really has to do with the rift between the "my child was born with autism" and the "my child got autism from vaccines" parents.

S.L. said...

@ Laura
Thank you.

Yes, a huge rift is between those two beliefs, from what I've seen. There's also a section of what I like to call "Neurotypical Entitlement" that seems to be the foundation for Autism Speaks. The thought that their child is different, and how it may affect their country club lunches--I see that as well.

I, like you, will never understand it. My daughter is so precious and amazing. I have changed so much as a person, thanks to her, and I can't imagine my life any other way.

Meade said...

Let us be wary of this "Indigo movement," I say. All this special divination invested in children can not be any more psychologically healthy for a child's sense of reality than crushing them down on unnecessary medications already is. Our children are not "the next evolution of mankind sent to pave the way for the children of the chrystal vibration," or whatever these Kryon writings are espousing. Our children are human beings first and foremost.

And like human beings, they deserve our respect, guidance, and love. They don't need to be worshiped or put on some pedestal--especially from the likes of a group currently raking in a lot of money by marketing to parents this very dangerous pseudo-psychology/ mythology.

We have to stop trying to label children as anything. Once the label is put on, whether it be "Autistic" or "Indigo," it presupposes all their behaviors, nor matter how normal they might be, and it complicates helping these children when some delusion is mixed in to supposedly explain away their behaviors.

Autism Mom Rising said...

There's also a whole segment of people children who developed along typically only to regress into isolation. It is one thing to talk about acceptance when a child is born who he or she is.....but for those of us who had happy, healthy, animated, engaged babies and toddlers who later regressed into isolation and physical illnesses...well, there's a part of you that never, ever gets over that.

Autism Mom Rising said...

Forgot to mention: my son went from typical regressed, then continued regressing until 7 years old. We had extensive genetic testing, all the genes currently indicated in Autism and he had not one. I sat and cried because I really wanted there to be a genetics only reason for why we continued losing our son, even though I knew in my heart there would not be. It is hard to imagine anyone in my situation would not fight to heal their child, as I have and continue to do.

@S.L:Country club lunches? I have no idea what you are talking about. Did your child go from high functioning at 3 to severe and back in a diaper by 7 and unable to leave the housey ? Unless you are knowledgable of the details circumstances of every child whose parents don't just accept perhaps it is best not to judge at all.

permanent eyelash said...

Great post - I think my son is perfect as he is, and it always puzzles me when people don't think that way about their autistic children. I think it really has to do with the rift between the "my child was born with autism" and the "my child got autism from vaccines" parents.

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Anonymous said...

Every autistic child is different. My beautiful boy was absolutely peaceful until he received his vaccines. 5 in one shot MMR and DTp being the two biggest in one dose. Suddenly he became inconsolable and seemed in constant pain. Ear infections, vomiting, incredibly horrible diarrhea that burned his bottom in seconds. Eventually diagnosed with Autism because of his repetitive quirks and obsessive rituals which he seems to do to try and calm himself (mostly unsuccessfully) my child is in obvious pain because of something that happened during the course of those vaccines. I know many parents of autistic children who were born non verbal, distant and beautiful in their own way and they seem to just accept autism. But I also know parents (like me) whose child is in obvious pain and coincidentally it seemed to occur right after vaccination. How can anyone say they are puzzled because a parent who watches their child suffer wants to fix what is hurting them? Every autistic child is different and just because your situation is a different then goody for you. You didn't have to see all the suffering. I love and accept my baby boy, he is my world, but I refuse to stand by and watch him go through severe physical pain just so I can be labeled as an accepting parent. I'm with the other parents who went on to have other children and no vaccines and suddenly ....guess what? No autism. No pain. No vomiting and no frustrating inability to communicate. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion but everyone is allowed to make informed decisions based on what they learned. But don't be so quick to judge a parent who is doing their own version of what is best for their child just because they don't accept autism. I don't know any parent who sits around at country club lunches or is embarrassed of their kids. I see fighters and advocates for their kids. Parents who won't take dismissive comments from their pediatricians who say "vomiting is just a sensitive gag reflex, just a symptom of autism" same as with diarrhea or chronic ear infections. I know parents who do what they can to stop their child from such suffering of terrible digestive and immune issues. Be thankful that your child wasn't born with pain but just wonderful and different attributes but don't go around judging a parent who is at a total loss because maybe their child is suffering physically and can't even communicate it to their parent. I too am very grateful for my boy. I learned so much more than I could have about the medical field and Doctors like Andrew Wakefield and Dr Palevsky will lead the way when it comes to regressive type autism and parents who can change their child's life by simply altering their diet and vaccinating in a more responsible and informed way.

Anonymous said...

Just by the way I chose anonymous only because it was the easiest fastest way to get a comment here. My name is Maddie Melo and I will continue to spread awareness and be an advocate for all the autistic children I know and for those parents of typical children as well. It is one thing to be understanding and accepting and loving with our children. Who in their right mind could look into their child's eyes (when they can ;) ) and not feel total love? But it's quite another to watch your child suffer and not want to do anything in their power to help their child?!? That's callous if you ask me. Mom rising I'm with you. There is a part of you that just doesn't get over that and a part of me that wants to fight for mine and all the future children by finding a cure. Call me a dreamer but I know I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

I think these labels of autism are wayyy off.. i think that vaccine injured children are being misdiagnosed as autistic when in actuality they have been poisoned and suffer from nuerological and autoimmune problems from said POISON. I think children born with autism are very different from those who 'develop' autism post vaccine... I also feel Crystal children are very real and marketly different from autistic... my son has speech delay and stims slightly other than that he is an absolute joy..intellegent extremely loving .. he has amazing connections with people.. yet the shitstem want to label him as autistic cause they cannot handel his uniqueness.. easier for people to say they are impaired that to realize their brilliance ... i pray for the day when educational system stop trying so hard to make everybody the same and educate the EDUCATORS to teach to each child unique qualities. for those who do not believe vaccines cause severe disabilities .. get a clue and for those who have a non vaccinated child like myself.. you now that then these labels of autism are just a way for a system to try and adjust amongst so much that they do not understand.. they don't know so they just stick all under the 'sprectrum ' and cry autism.... ism schizm

Patrick Sebastiazzi said...

I keep seeing confusion about vaccination and crystal children. If you forget everything you've heard and think clearly it's pretty simple: vaccination affects crystal children very deeply. While regular children may have little side effects that disappear. I think Jenny McCarthy is a very brave person. I'm not into show business and I didn't even know her by her name until my crystal son was diagnosed with autism, with My recommendation. If autism is on the rise with all races, nationalities, and diets, it doesn't take a genius to figure out: if you know anything about 12/21 2012 the calendars ending, all scholars came to conclusion this was the end of an Age and the beginning of a New Age. New Age came with new humanity. It is beautiful, to be a part of this as a parent. Every crystal child has at least 1 Indigo parent, who's supposed to cleanse, and take his/her role to fight all these old systems. Open your soul and your heart and you will know what to do...I know I did and everything started to rhyme.

Unknown said...

Surely if i were to vaccinate with the conscious intention to heal my children​,that loving energy will protect them?