Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


Jenny McCarthy: On The Record

Well, I have to say I'm rather disappointed by this interview with Jenny McCarthy. Greta Van Susteren is typically (as far as I have seen) a good interviewer, challenging her guests and asking tough questions. This was nothing more than a fluff piece. It was a "autism is horrific" and then Jenny spatting her lies. Too bad.

Some of the falsehoods:

*That this rally was "for people to see the true faces of autism"
*11 shots contain mercury, again suggesting your child is receiving 11 shots with mercury
*Conspiracy theory: government is lying, the same old story from these folks
*"too many too soon" an idea that remains completely unproven
*Jenny says she uses a "great analogy" for autism, it's like "getting hit by a bus"
*Hannah Poling...government has conceded that "autism was triggered by vaccines" UM NO!
*8,000 people from across the country

Some rather questionable statements about autism from Greta:
"terrible for the child and the family if you're on the bottom range"
"how horrible"
"completely disruptive to the family"

To which Jenny asks us to imagine "having a perfect child" and "then all of sudden that child is gone before your eyes." She also says many mothers liken autism to having a spaceship come and steal your child. I absolutely detest those statements. How could a parent say their child lost their soul? Further lack of respect toward autistics.

Jenny continues to say, "us moms aren't treating autism", they are treating a "vaccine injury." First, let me say, I'm glad to hear it's the moms who are "treating" their child's "condition." Okay, fine. Your children have a "vaccine injury," mine and the rest of us in the "autism community" you claim to represent, our kids have autism. So, go rally for your so-called "vaccine injuries" and leave our children alone! You are only harming the future for our kids, for those who won't "recover" and doing nothing to help autistic children, teens, or adults.

Jenny confirms what I questioned in my recent post: neurologists are now saying that her son never had autism. He is not autistic. She argues this by saying he was diagnosed by the state of California and doctors (at UCLA, I believe). Well guess what Ms. McCarthy? Doctors make mistakes. You'd think the one who claims the government and doctors are "poisoning" children would be the first to think that doctors might have messed up. Really though, many doctors will tell you that an autism diagnosis at a young age (I believe Evan was around 2 1/2, more on this in an upcoming entry), may not remain accurate as the child gets older. For that precise reason, our neurologist advised us to wait for the evaluation until after our daughter was 3. She already has several neurological diagnoses (and recognized developmental delays), and he always assured us that regardless of diagnosis, we were doing all the right things. Again, I will write more on this shortly.

The interview (rather brief) ends and they give a statement by the AAP.

From earlier:

Okay, due to breaking news, the Jenny McCarthy interview by Greta Van Susteren is being a bit delayed. However, on the GretaWire blog, you can add comments now and throughout the show. Thus far, I've seen many "I love Jenny & finally this message is getting out..." and so on. Make our side heard!

Here's what I've written so far, I imagine I'll be adding more as the interview & so on airs:

Honestly, why should a woman who admits she's never even met an autistic adult be the chosen representative for autism? She does not represent me (and yes, I AM an autism mom). My child was born with autism, she never had any reaction to vaccines. She has not improved with any special diets, and due to medical concerns, pursuing the GFCF or DAN! Protocol is not feasible (nor could I see shoving 20 pills down her throat along with injections, none of which is proven to be of benefit).

So what is Jenny doing for my child? She won't "recover," she won't be the child I can parade in front of others getting credit for "fixing" my child. My daughter is precious, and yes we have ups and downs, and life can be extremely rough--but first and foremost she is my child (not kidnapped or soul-less), and I love her. The public perceives autistics (due to these cure & recovery message) as unteachable, unworthy, and even unlovable. They are not respected--wherever they fall on the spectrum. I fear for what the future brings for her. Will society change by then?

Currently, there are extremely limited adult services (including independent or semi-independent living situations, vocational or career programs, etc.) and help for teens is difficult to attain as well. The public views my child and others like her as damaged, not worthy of civil or human rights, something to be gotten rid of. What is Jenny and Jim doing to help change that???? Have they done anything incredible to raise public awareness on this dire need? I fear for when my daughter reaches adulthood--what services will be there for her? Yes, she will make progress, as she continues to do so. But, we still don't know exactly how much assistance she will need. What happens when we can no longer take care of her? That is what keeps me up at night.

I refuse to waste my time, and my daughter's, by believing in some PR guy's claims that the government is "damaging" our children via vaccines. Do your research, read REAL scientific studies (done across the globe), and realize there is ZERO proof of any link between vaccines and autism. Even in the case of Hannah Poling. If you do not understand the science of that particular case, do not even bother discussing it. The government did not concede that vaccines gave her autism. Also, learn the difference between causation and correlation.

I advise you too, read the Omnibus proceedings of the last few weeks--then let's see how much faith you have in the DAN! docs' "heavy metal screenings" and "treatments." It's amazing what these docs must admit while under oath.


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