Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


The Indigo and The Crystal

I've gathered some information, a primer if you will, on the Indigo and Crystal belief system. You will find these terms and definitions helpful for my next couple of entries. I have opted to not make an outright judgment call on the believers in this, except for how it may interfere with autism (and ADHD). Checking out the Skeptic's Dictionary is also helpful, there is a lot of background information on this.


"Source" also known as "Spirit" as in:

"The color associated with the Crown chakra is white or deep purple and its function is the direct connection to Source or Spirit."
"They are so directly linked with Source that they can easily understand and tap into the Divine resources."
"We can in turn heal our children of imbalances by going directly to Source and filling our hearts to be healed with Divine love and light."

The New Earth, as mentioned here:
The Indigo and Crystal children that come to the planet are known as "starchildren". Often this is because their souls are more at home in the stars, and they have not incarnated on Earth before. They come at this time as a "special assignment" team to assist Earth and her inhabitants with their transition and rebirth as a higher dimensional "New Earth".
Many Indigo and crystal children are already almost at this point of awareness, if not fully within it. As are many of the Indigo-Crystal adults who have made the transition to this state. It is these new beings, able to claim both their human and angelic inheritances, who will create the New Earth.

For Human Angels there is work to do. Creating a New Earth that will bring Heaven to Earth. And since "heaven" is not so much a place as a state of consciousness, these Human Angels must work to bring the higher dimensional states of consciousness to the Earth plane. Once this is achieved, then a planetary culture will be birthed that will respect all beings as manifestations of the Divine Essence. And this culture will reflect that respect in its peace, harmony and creativity.

Indigo and Crystal Children

Indigo children usher in a new energy that is transforming the planet around us. They are groundbreakers, creative rebels and independent thinkers, people who will go their own route and leave people and things around them changed.

Crystals instinctively channel healing energy. Their crystal nature enables them to pick up energy and aura colors from the people around them. They are acutely sensitive and are even more likely to become healers and lightworkers than indigos, but need space to themselves and a lot of care.

Many crystal children are born autistic or die in infancy because they are so remarkably sensitive. It has been suggested that the indigos are here to transform the world to one in which the crystal children can survive and do their work.

More "facts" on Crystal children can be found here.

Vibrations, further explained here:

They are called higher vibrational because of the way their auras work. All colours (and all things, for that matter, since everything is made of some kind of energy) vibrate at different levels. The higher an object's vibration, the less connected it is to this physical world. Colours such as Red, Green, Orange, and Magenta are low level vibrations and so they associate more closely with the physical world. Yellow, Tan, and Lavender are examples of Central colours (between a low vibration and a high one) and Indigo, Crystal, Blue and Violet are known as the Higher vibrations.

Just as the lower vibrational people are connected to the physical world, higher vibrational people are connected to things outside of our reality. Although they all vibrate at a high level, each colour has a different level at which they reverberate. This makes each one different.

Perhaps this is another "rebranding" that Kirby himself can reveal when he's ready to change his beliefs, yet again:

The trouble comes about when the Crystals are judged by medical and educational personnel as having "abnormal" speaking patterns. It's no coincidence that as the number of Crystals are born, that the number of diagnoses for autism is at a record high.

One other note, on where the "Indigo child concept" was born:
"The Indigo child concept was first publicized in 1999 by the book The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived, written by the husband-and-wife team of Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. Carroll insists that the concept was obtained via conversations with a spiritual entity known as Kryon."

*For clarification, because my husband asked this question and I don't want anyone else reading this to get confused: The spiritual entity involved in the creation of the "Indigo child concept" is known as "Kryon." Not a "Klingon."


Arviman said...

I find it strange that this 25 yr old who displays classic AS symptoms can often react to my mood. If I am feeling angry, he will automatically shy away from me, without any commmunication. The reverse is also true. I wonder if this whole "crystal" thing is true.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit thaqt alot of this seems a little over the top. but at the same time it is interesting how relative it seems to be to life with my autistic child. he used to look at things such as walls or doorways and just laugh as if he was interacting with them. he also always seems to feel sick or hurt at the same times i feel an unexplained pain. is this him communicating what is wrong to me?

Anonymous said...

this is all very very true....a special person entered my life and helped me with the transition....his simple nonsentimental nature...has brought me directly in contact with being able to have a content connection with the divine nature....thanks to him!! thanks to me!! thanks to the universe!

xl pharmacy said...

Well I think what you shared with us hewre is totally true, but honestly I prefer not to think about autism because I have a lot of familiars with this problem and I feel a quite sad when saw blogs about this mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I have three children 2 boys and a beautiful little baby girl. My boys are 6 and 4. Both boys were diagnosed with pdd-nos/adhd. My princess 2yrs so far is fine but notices her brothers are different. Now ive been researching and reading allot about indigo and chrystal children. The reason for this is that my oldest has been acting quite strange. Even though hes always acted a bit weird. When my son was born I must admit when I saw him I was a bit freaked out. He was born whitelike paper his head was kinda pointy oval looking and he had these big huge eyes. his eyes were so big the white of the eyes couldnt be seened. He had deep brown eyes I was like omg! The child later on was diagnosed with mild microcephaly, all his organs on the opposite side later on he went mute right after his little bro was born and was diagnosed with autism. He started talking again around 4. Two weeks after he turned 6 he started hearing a guy in his head I freaKed thought he was going nuts. Took him to the doc I was told not to worry. the day of his birthday he starts to hear a little boy. Two of my cousins come down to stay with me for a while my cuz hears my son talking by himself and asks so I tell her he hears voices. That very night her daughter wakes up freaked out that she wants to leave because she saw a black shadow person with a blue eye on his head and a little boy smiling at her. now I know my son isnt crazy he really is communicating with these voices he hears. He says the little boys parents died when I asked where did they live he told me in space. I really dont know what to think of all of this. But seems like my othar son who was diagnosed with autism as well is also communicating with his mind he hardly talks. He is not aware of danger, its extremely friendly and has to always be on top of people rubbing his body agaisnt everyone and sleepsin a fetus position. My daughter also seems to be seeing things but she hasnt been diagnosed with anything. I will like to know if anyones child has any similar ways and have they been also diagnosed with autism.

Daniel Dubois said...

The ones who think this is a mental illness, are scary.. You people are straight up scary.. Someone who is a certifiable retard, who only likes pussy, football, etc.. what would be considered a normal person these days, is in reality fucking retarded..And yet it is these same normal morons, who wanna medicate me, an autistic, who knows about everything from marine biology, to astro physics, so called aliens,etc.. and you cant even name the capital city of your own state.. and yet this shitfaced world thinks it is I who should be medicated?

Fucking hell, how scary.

No, autistic are not that hard to understand. We are just 100% honest, literal, and socialist. If you cannot understand something as simple as that, then it is YOU who has a mental issue.. Yes, I over simplified it, but this is the most important part of it. Stop lying to your kids, no santa claus, no tooth fairy, be honest, and explain shit to them in detail.. Stop forcing them to be "normal" and do what a normal shitforbrains republican voter should be doing, and growing up to be... Look for shit that YOUR kid is good at, and encourage them to be the best they can be.

If they wanna battle all the anti global warming "normal" retards, then encourage them to save the world... Dont force him to be a welder, or follow in his dadies footsteps.

Most of the kids that end up needing "treatment" are being raised by a low IQ parents, who cant recognize the talents of their kids.

Your kid might hate football, but he prob. knows a shiton about Nasa.. Ecourage him to know more

Your daughter might not like makeup, and being girly, but she can probably paint really good, encourage her to keep going..

They act out and break shit around your house, cause it is YOU "normal" retards who dont know shit about your kids, and your too fucking stupid and lazy too do any research.. which means you are doing a diservice to your kid.

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IT is YOU, who is a fucking retard, who doesnt care about anything but his own ass.. as is evident, by the way you think about Autistic people.. You dont understand Autism, cause youre not trying to understand it..

You fucking assholes.. They dont need medication.. you need to listen to their ideas.. We do need to be become simple minded, pure, honest, and logical, and save the planet..

That childlish ideology is not something that needs to be medicated.. Its your fucking ass that needs to be medicated.

Read the book below.. which you probably wont, cause youre too fucking stupid and lazy
Preferably get the thick pre 1932 version of this book on Ebay or some other bookstore, if not you can read it for free on this here


Peace be up on Jehovih's creations

Verity said...

Hello Daniel (better get your name right cuz I'm sure you'll correct me wrong if not!!!) lol

I am so happy to read your post and very happy to hear your views!!!! Thank goodness there ARE people like you on this planet at this time!!!!!! We desperately need guidance at this crucial time!!!!!!! Actually I have a suggestion, why are there not more people - my view - the indigos running the world!!???

I don't even turn on the TV set it is so terrible!!!

Anyway the reason I am on this site, I am very soon looking to work alongside autistic/ indigo children and would like any advice (that you haven't already offered - unless you think I need to hear it again???? Lol ��

I have been to the other side and back (had open heart surgery in February) and have come back a lot more clued up!!!!!

Thankyou for expressing your view on this site!!!!

Peace ������������������������

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Anything else you wanna know just ask me

Spuds Snowdrops said...

I am on the autistic spectrum and I totally agree with you. To me, the illogical and petty ongoings of society are backward and archaic, and I assure you it is not only the US that has pathetic troglodytes in utter denial about reality. I see no problem with my autism, I see a problem with society and its perception.. Perhaps it's another variant of inferiority complex they have?

Unknown said...

Spuds, I am on a verge of suicide, Im tired of dealing with them. I have finished multiple schools, at the top of my class, only to be forced to work with morons. Doesnt matter, working class job or office, I cannot stand to work with normal people.

Could you tell me how old you are, male or female, what you do and how much you make? Please, give me direction.

I am completely out of energy to keep going back to school looking for a new carrer, when they all end up being the same.

Everyone wants to pay me shit wages, they tell me I have paid vacation, but when I try to take it, they threaten to fire me. They tell me there will be raises, but I seldom get them, and even if I do, they are shit, like $.10/hr

I pay $300 for healthcare, but when I go to the hospital, there is always some bullshit, that end up not providing me healthcare. These people are fucking stupid as shit. I feel like dying, and maybe waking up in 1000 years, when THEY all grow a brain, and perhaps advance to the point of an autistic.

I dont see a point in working my ass off for the rest of life, if all Im gonna be able to afford is food, and a roof over my head. I want to travel the world, and buy shit like this $4K bike I want.

At least when Im dead, my soul can travel without a bike.

Help me

Morgan Fyfe-Williams said...

Gods, I hope things are better for you now. I know those feelings.

Carol Susan Foley said...

Mental illness!!!!!!! Go educate your self!!! Ignorant! I have Autism. I feel more sad for you such an ignorant person. Do you have a library in your neighborhood? Go rush and read.

Anonymous said...

Autism is not a mental illness, you ignorant individual, go educate yourself before spewing written diarrhea all over the internet. ��