Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


Kryon On Vaccines

Yes, Kryon, the entity behind the Indigo child concept. Here is what he says, apparently having been channeled, on vaccines:

QUESTION: Dear Kryon: I've read and heard information for and against immunizing against various diseases, particularly those that affect children. Can you help me understand immunization? There are many options for immunization now. Are all necessary for children?

ANSWER: This is good science and was brought to you early so that you and your children could extend your lives. The original "mixture" for immunization that was created for the few basic diseases is still good for you and your children. However, there is now a tendency to increase the immunization to include over 17 different targets (or more). There's a problem with this, and it has already shown itself, but is not yet understood.

Ask for the original mixture if you can get it. It's the safest and most viable.

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I have a new grandson. He's going for his first vaccination in the next few weeks. If we're beginning to transmute toxins with reconnections to our endocrine system through our DNA, then what happens to our babies, who by law have to be vaccinated? What are your thoughts on this subject?

ANSWER: First, know that vaccinations are a God-given science that humanity earned. They're a tried and proven homeopathic method that have been with you for years. You were probably vaccinated yourself, and it worked.

We have three answers: (1) God is not in a vacuum. Even the vaccinated Human Being who's older can modify and rework their DNA. So there's no time limit, and there are no rules that say "Once vaccinated, you're ruined." (2) The Human who is of the age of awareness can say, even as they are vaccinated, "Let nothing inappropriate enter my chemistry." This is a conscious instruction given to your "intelligent cellular structure" (the same one responsible for kinesiology and homeopathic results). This will result in your cells only using what they need and casting away everything else. (3) Finally, about babies: There has been a push by your science lately to vaccinate against many things at the same time. You'd be advised to seek out a doctor who will only vaccinate your child for only the basic diseases that have been known in the last 40 years. Eliminate the vaccinations for the new ones. This leaves you with approximately seven or eight - the very ones that have been used for years. What your science is not appreciating yet is the results of combining all the vaccination substances together. There's a problem that will show itself in time. Stick with the basic ones.

Now, it becomes more clear perhaps what Jenny means when she and her followers state "too many too soon" and "change the schedule!" Perhaps "Kryonize Our Vaccines" just didn't flow as well as "Green Our Vaccines."


Anonymous said...

Cryon has a positive view of implants. Good thing for you know who...

Question: Dear Kryon: I believe that there's been mention of changing our physical bodies through intent. However, I was wondering about the effect of surgical enhancements on a person - specifically, implants of the silicon variety. :) I'm wondering how they affect or perhaps interfere with energy and the next steps of our evolution.

Answer: So, you wish to speak of sexual attractiveness and self-worth? Let's do so. ...

There's no spiritual judgment around enhancing your looks to accomplish better self-worth. There's also no taboo around it. There might be biological consequences, however (see below). The spiritual attribute is this, however: What does it bring to you that otherwise wouldn't have happened? ...

To Spirit, there's no difference between this and selecting a new color of clothing or changing your hairstyle..... The enhancement you've described is totally a cultural perception, and isn't seen by Spirit as anything more than your becoming more beautiful to a society that wishes to participate in this ritual of appearance.

Since it affects your biology, however, here's some advice: Anything placed into cavities of your body that are foreign to your system will have a tendency to create an energy of imbalance. Therefore, make the alteration sacred. Bless the substance, and tell it how much better you'll feel when it's added. Speak to it daily, and give the body permission to feel that it belongs there. Make it part of the whole.

Anonymous said...


above is the link to a very revealing lecture by Dr David Ayoub MD who advises strongly against vaccination of any kind period. Copy and paste the link into your browser, to view the video for yourselves.
If kryon has not advised against this problem then he is part of the problem or a fool, either way it would be stupid to follow this advise without viewing the film.

The fact of the matter people need to understand, is this planet Earth is being run by others not Human.
This maybe in the Macrobe level or ET's, although i agree with some, who suggest ET's will not intervene in mans affairs, man must overcome the Vatican influence on Humanity, assuming they are Benevolent.
The Jesuit Priests have been using contact with the Macrobes for centurys, and that is how they are the most powerful organisation on the planet.
What the Jesuits fail to realise is: yes you are the rulers of the planet, but you rule a planet of shit, death and degeneracy.
Hardley a place to call home. If you woke up and stopped listening to the macrobes to get their technology, we could all travel the cosmos in peace, as Humanity should have been doing centurys ago.

Anonymous said...

Kryon thinks he can curry favor with us by supporting vaccines. What he doesn't get is that being a critical thinker does not depend on "hot issues". It depends on an appreciation for reality as it actually works. Critical thinkers tend to agree on certain issues only because the alternatives are at best implausible, and in some cases patently absurd.

Homeopathy is the art of pretending that pure water contains things it doesn't. Kryon claims that immunization is homeopathic. That is a lie. Injecting someone with pure water doesn't immunize against anyting.

Kryon makes such a big deal of sponsoring the Indigos, but they are not the future. We, the autistic Lavenders, are the future. We will defeat Kryon.

StarBorn StarDust said...

Let go of that royal element of purple, it's almost the same wavelength as indigo, I too prefer purple but indigos are real, the new kids GLOW, - Harleqiun Ajoite Phantom Earth Keeper-