Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


Today Autism & Recovery, Tomorrow Crystals & the New Earth

These previous writings have led to this. There has been talk amongst the autism community as to whether Jenny still believed her son was a crystal and she, an indigo. Her Indigo Moms website disappeared without explanation overnight. Many had wondered and assumed she had left these beliefs behind, and her focus was on autism recovery and vaccines.

Well, we now have an answer. As you learned from the previous entries, much of t
he Indigo/Crystal belief system revolves around the idea of over-diagnosis and overuse of medication with regard to Autism and ADHD. Not to mention messages from Kryon himself that say we give too many vaccines today. So, Jenny's new message actually isn't much different from her Indigo identity.

The Phoenix has another view on the Indigo thing. For those who have missed her Indigo Moms website, have no fear, it shall return soon. And, it seems, Jenny's next book is self-described as an "Indigo book." She is leading a movement alright. But perhaps not the same one that thousands (1,500-8,000 strong--depending on your source) of her "followers" believe in. It seems that her mission is to come out with the autism/recovery and anti-vaccine message first, and all of this will slowly lead into full-blown indoctrination of Indigos and Crystals.

To listen to this interview from
The World Puja Network, you have to log-in to this site. It's a quick sign-up procedure. The show is called “CosmiKids' Inspired Parenting” with host, Sandie Sedgbeer. I have emphasized in bold the terms and words related to Indigos. The interview begins around roughly 26:00 minutes, it took place a couple of weeks prior to June 1, 2008 (it's air-date). The highlights (my rough summary and amateur transcripts):

JM: "I believe that without a doubt, Evan's vaccinations triggered his autism."

She then expands on other "triggers" of autism such as environmental mercury, pesticides, herpes, etc. Not surprisingly, zero mention of genetics. She clarifies with,
JM: "But the major one that's playing the biggest role right now are the vaccinations."

Talk continues on about the number of vaccines given compared to previous years. Discussion of the GFCF diet and supplements. Jenny says that sentences came after GFCF diet, recovery from autism (became "fully conversational" as she puts it) after treating her son's yeast issue.
JM: "It's like a ticking time bomb of you know and I...you know what a really good scenario is--is these kids,these kids with autism are really the canaries in the coal mine, you know, they're the ones that are showing us the effects of what is happening around us and they just happen to be more sensitive to it. And we can either take their warning and do what I did, and alter my lifestyle to a healthier one, or you can, you know, go down with the ship or be stuck in the mine with no oxygen. It's really them "tweet, tweeting" I keep saying. These are our canaries, and everyone needs take a look, listen to the messengers and let's start doing something about it."

We heard Jim Carrey declare the "canary in the coal mine" metaphor at the Green Our Vaccines (now also known perhaps as "Kryonize Our Vaccines") rally. Expanding on this generation of parents (the moms who follow their intuition and don't just sit around and let things happen to our children), Jenny says:
JM: "We're definitely the Indigos, you know, breaking down these walls so this, you know, New Earth behind us can happen."

I had honestly missed most of the "Indigo" language, until this point. I heard "Indigos" and was rather surprised at that. When I listened again to write it down, I heard "New Earth," but it didn't mean much to me, until I learned it's a part of Indigo (see Children of the New Earth) After the following statements, I looked into the Indigo "concept," and learned what those terms mean. Now realizing the significance of those words, it's clear that Jenny is still well-immersed in the Indigo/Crystal deal. At 45:34, this question is asked:
SS: "You mention the word Indigo. What happened to your Indigo Moms website?" JM: "You know I had to take that down and I was so sad to take it down, for a while anyways, it'll be coming back up. People got really confused because I was coming out with Evan's autism at the same time. And, they thought that I was healing Evan through Tarot cards instead of biomedical treatments.

So I realized I had to separate my messages and I had to take down one message which is the indigo and crystals, for now. I said, 'oh the world is getting confused with these two different paths,' you know. I consider them to be one. But people aren't quite there yet and I kinda had to, not lower my vibration, change my vibration to focusing on the world hearing that message. Hearing that biomedical treatment does help these kids.

And then, slowly, you know I can put it in my speeches. and then in my last book I talked about the indigos and crystals. And I'm just like, I'm really following source, kind of I felt the need to do that, I'm just kind of dribbling it here and there until people, you know, have that spiritual awakening of spirituality."

Either immediately after this statement, or later on, she reiterates this,
JM: "I was definitely feeling that from source."
When speaking about her new book, JM says:

JM: "It's really an Indigo book."
The interview ends with Jenny's message to the listeners:
JM: "The parents...the parents. It is time to take back your power. It's time to remember your power. Go within. Remember you have a voice. We are the seekers and doers of change and it is possible as long as you believe it. So join me in this collective awakening, in this new world, so we can have a perfect world for our kids."

And they call us radical? This last "rally cry" could just as easily be found on any Indigo site or message board. This same type of language and message are seen time and time again by the Indigo/Crystal believers.

So, I pose this question: How will the anti-vaccine group be altered once Jenny goes all-out with her Indigo message? Since it's apparent that Kryon and the Indigo concept is against most vaccines, at least that message will remain the same. But will the entire group get behind her, and also believe in the Indigos, Crystals, and Kryon? I wonder how many of those who follow the DAN! protocol and are against vaccines already believe their child is a Crystal?


Kev said...

Great post SL :)

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These are some short bits of Jenny's interview



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Thank you, Kev. This interview is quite the gem...

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Anonymous said...

thats it jenny, make yourself look like a total airhead and ruin the good work.

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Jenny McCarthy and her Children of the New Earth-Indigo-Chrystal madness should be exposed by the media. Where the hell is the media? I thought they stood for TRUTH? And justice? This woman, McCarthy, has done a great injustice to the autism community, for those of us dealing with real autism and day to day living, she has twisted and perverted everything we've worked hard to leave....she's an abstract freakshow...a walking contradiction, a spectacle, a complete charlatan, with big boobs.