Having an autistic child is not the end of the world--far from it. It is my hope that through this blog, at least a handful of people will get to understand that. My child is amazing, she brings us tremendous joy. We have good days & bad days, but we CHOOSE to focus on the good. Our belief is that by loving our daughter, giving her the most comfortable environment we can, and by most of all accepting her differences, she will continue to blossom--in her OWN way.


Jim Carrey--Autism Expert??

PhotobucketLarry King read a message from Jenny's "mate" on his show:

"Vaccines are more of a profit engine than a means of prevention. And that's why there are so many vaccines."
Since when did Jim Carrey become an expert on anything in the medical world? On vaccines? On Autism? I realize he is the "Autism Whisperer," but wow, never realized he had received his PhD. To that point, why is anyone listening to a ditsy Playboy model? And, David Kirby, a PR person, again, not a physician or scientist. Really makes you wonder...

Jenny herself may need some medication (or perhaps she should try the GFCF diet, chelation, HBOT??). You don't go on Larry King, scream "bulls**t" to respected physicians, ranting and raving. Her voice is shaky, she really needs to sip some water and take a deep breath. I too get very emotional over my child. I have to really prepare myself prior to her IEP meetings. I bring a bottle of water, take slow deep breaths, read some inspirational quotes I have written in my notebook, and look at her picture I bring in with me. I remind myself continually to remain calm, regardless. I realize I will look like a raving lunatic if I lose my cool. I also am aware that if I get emotional and go off-course, nothing will get accomplished.

She wants measles over autism, any day??? Wow, is all I can say. She's been brainwashed by the conspiracy theorists, she is insisting that all the multiple studies on vaccines are whack, demanding an independent study.

Jim & Jenny are marching on June 4 for Generation Rescue/TACA Now, in Washington D.C. Joy. Gives new meaning to Dumb and Dumber. I'm curious if the walk in Atlanta, against the CDC is still on? I hope so, otherwise my plane ticket will go to waste (sarcasm!).


Anonymous said...

Actually the treatment he talks about sounds more like food allergies than anything else. Is he trying to suggest that the vaccines caused the food allergies? Some pretty dodgy logic going on there.

Anonymous said...

Studies have already linked vaccines and childhood asthma. Many studies have been found to be bogus. We all know what money can buy in this world. It is easy to conduct a study that favors your sponsors. I am sure we all know how much money big pharmaceutical companies have. If not, just sit down and watch the evening news and count how many medicines are being advertised. Is it just a coincidence that the only state to require preschoolers to have the flu shot is New Jersey which is also the home of the makers of the flu shot? Educate yourselves. Don't just be spoon fed what big money wants you to believe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jim Carrey for furthering the much needed cause of Awareness of Autism. SHAME on the blogger who portrayed the mother of an autistic child as a ditsy playboy, you sir are totally ignorant! The majority of parents of an autistic child have courage, determination, protectiveness and a love that never should be questioned. Unless someone has an autistic child or has a family member that has an autistic child, you have no right to question anything about that person OR anything about autism, the causes or treatment because you have no knowledge, just alot of the scientific propoganda that drug companies and doctors that are in cahoots with drug companies and want everyone to believe. If you want to do some (REAL) interesting research, research how many doctors on are on the boards of drug companies and how many drug company affiliates are on hospital boards. Talk about in cahoots! Also, look at the percentage of doctors that (Just happen to retire to drug company related jobs) at the tune of 9 and up figures a year. NEVER GIVE A CHILD A FLU SHOT!! and the people that say they will take measles or mumps over the chances of having an autistic child don't even have a clue as to what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

You bet I'll take measles and mumps over the chances 24/7 and day any time. I have had the measles, I have had the mumps. They (DO NOT KILL OR DESTROY THE CHILD) AUTISM CAN AND DOES!


Do what the little people can't!

Anonymous said...

Jenny is insisting that all the multiple studies on vaccines are whack, demanding an independent study. YOU GO JENNY BECAUSE YOU ARE RIGHT AND IT WILL ALL COME OUT.
(JENNY HAS NOT) been brainwashed by the conspiracy theorists, she is insisting that all the multiple studies on vaccines are whack, demanding an independent study.

project-outdream said...

there is a ton of information to suggest that autism is linked to vaccines. your naive view of this issue makes me want to vomit in your general direction. the major links to autism are vaccines, food allergies, & vitamin d deficiency. of these vitamin d deficiency & vaccines are probably universal in our children, with only a very few exceptions. read www.vitamindcouncil.com there is PLENTY that you can do to help your child. ignorance & apathy will not improve your child's life. my suggestion is get off your ass: get your child's vitamin d levels above par, detox heavy metals, & adjust the diet.

Anonymous said...

i work with autistic children and i can assure you as an objective outsider that the diagnosis is flimsy. The parents WANT this diagnosis and they WANT to whine and cry to everyone that will listen about their "poor autistic child" these parents often have a fascination with autism and they believe somehow that its a cool glamorous thing for their kid to have. They claim that vaccines are harmful, but then give their kid massive doses of psyche drugs like seraquel and ritalin etc. honestly, the parents are f-in crazy...you should see the money they spend on ridiculous therapies like ABA etc (dog training would be more effective)
the real money being made here is in the autism diagnosis bc now the parents have to pay for special schools, medical care, therapies, and drugs..all in vain..the reason some of these so-called treatments appear to "work" is really bc the kid gets to old to collude with the lie bc they never had it in the first place! autism is RARE people, and it is also OBVIOUS..
as someone who cares about the kids, i feel so sorry for them, imagine being given anti-psychotics and then developing metabolic syndrome and being obese for the rest of your life all so your bored mother could have something to talk about and waste money on, now that is the truth about autism..

S.L. said...

@ Anon #1
Who knows what he's talking about. What we do know is he's bought into the big bad Pharma and government conspiracy theories...joy.

@ Anon #2
Could you please link to these studies?

@ Anon #3
Not even sure how to respond to this. It was more of an emotional rant, and that is fine. But, as far as a response from me? If you were bashing me, my blog, or my parenting skills--well, no comment because you don't know me and you are already drinking the Green Kool-Aid... The other thing, hmm...measles, mumps, or autism? For one, vaccines do NOT cause autism, and secondly autism is not fatal (unlike measles and mumps).

@ Anon #4
Wow, I can't even comment on someone who'd opt to expose their child to say measles (which can be fatal, can cause brain damage, etc.) because they fear some cockamamie conspiracy that vaccines are related to autism. I prefer to stick to real science, especially when it comes to my children's health. Funny, I don't get my medical advice from journalists, PR guys, or Playboy bunnies...but that's just me.

@ Anon #5
Read the above replies. And, put down the Kool-Aid.

@ Project-Outdream
Can you cite these studies? "a ton of information to suggest" is rather vague...

"your naive view of this issue makes me want to vomit in your general direction."
Once again, hmm, I don't use pseudo-science and celebs to make my medical decisions and to know what's best for my child. But, I'm naive? As far as the whole vomiting thing, now that's just rude.

"the major links to autism are vaccines, food allergies, & vitamin d deficiency.
Once again, links to these studies.

"there is PLENTY that you can do to help your child."
Well, just so you know, my child plays outside in the sun nearly every single day...so we're a-ok on the vitamin D thing, thanks.

"ignorance & apathy will not improve your child's life."
I am neither ignorant nor apathetic, quite the opposite I assure you. Our child has a wonderful life, and thanks to our dedicated physicians and therapists, plus tons of TLC from us, she is blossoming.

"my suggestion is get off your ass"
Nice. Your other suggestions are a big waste of time and MONEY.

@ Anon #6
I can relate to all of what you are saying. I've been on message boards etc. where moms are saying "my child is 2, speech delayed, and I think he has autism..." When you ask if he is social, or list any red flags, it becomes obvious this child is nowhere near the spectrum. Parents are obsessed with autism, and I think there is a trendy (as sick as that is) vibe going on. I've heard of parents going to 3 or more doctors to "get" the diagnosis.
Another aspect of this now, is that these parents can tout their child is "recovered" all thanks to them. What you say about the drugs these kids are put on--and all for no reason possibly. It's all very disturbing.

Thanks for sharing your insights & input.

christopher said...

How irresponsible for these people to talk against vaccines. First, they damage their kids by exposing them to deadly diseases. Second, they talk encourage other people, who are ignorat, no to vaccine their kids and third, their kids will jeopardize the kids who got the vaccine by exposing them to the disease.
And really people, do you actually believe a porn star and a cheap comedian and not to scientists that spent their lifes working to make life easier? Without it, you'll probably be dead.
Seriously, you can do better than that

Anonymous said...

I am a mum with a son 3 yrs and autistic and yes ive cried alot coz autism for me is about love sharing caring talking learning every waking moment - my son is very loving - and i know i can accept him for who he is - thats what love is - but because of an article a friend read with jim carreys brief story in it - i found hope - i wish i had his phone number and know that to change things means to go way out of the norm -as all freedom fighters do - into the unknown and take chances on hunches. i know that to give joe back his life i must talk to the parents who have had the courage to do this. my son had his triple MMR -I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT COULD CAUSE AUTISM - IT NOW LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE COINCIDENCE - i look forward to a new freedom full of fear and hope that joe may improve and speek - THANKYOU BRAVE PARENTS FOR LEADING THE WAY THAT I MIGHT FOLLOW

Anonymous said...

Just a quick bit. I've heard of a correlation touted between mercury in vaccines and their subsequent Autistic effects. Given that Mercury is a heavy metal, and is unable to pass through the bood brain barrier (the astrocytes filter out those heavy metals before they reach the brain) and that the effect of said mercury, whether it be as an organometallic, or straight mercury, is already well documented and predicatble; What mechanism of action do you propose causes the Autism from the vaccine? Furthermore, what mechanism of action causes Autism absent of a vaccine (Autism was well observed before we had vaccines). It would be much easier to take this movement seriously if a logical pathway was proposed.

Anonymous said...

Every truth started with a theory. The people posting these things don't stand to earn any money. I have seen first, second and third hand how vaccines cause autism. Children all over the world are going to the doctor to get vaccinated and start regressing within hours. Time after time. Over and over. This is just coincidence? cust because it's a so-called conspiracy theory doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy fact waiting to be revealed

Muscles Thornborough said...

I am glad you published this. This is a very level headed sensible reaction. I mean she cured her son's autism? If you want a real shocker check this link out:


It makes the Larry King interview look like the Discovery Channel.

Evan (not the playboy bunny's autistic child) said...

i know i'm very late in responding to this as it was apparently posted over a year ago but i wanted to say thank you.

i lived the first 23 years of my life being "different" from other people. i eventually learned about the autistic spectrum and found my place in it. i'm very high functioning and was most definitely not obvious.

i got my vaccines when i was a kid and i've had a few flu shots since. thinking this had something to do with my autism is about as intelligent as thinking blowing on the dice is actually going to help in craps. yes, i was vaccinated. yes, i'm autistic. i'm far from the only or even the first person in my family tree to show signs of being on the spectrum.

i'm sure there are plenty of negative side effects from vaccines but autism just doesn't seem to be one of them. the problem isn't that vaccine conspiracy theorists haven't seen or heard the good science the shows this. the problem is that these conspiracy theorists will just associate any evidence contrary to their conspiracy theory to a plot to "cover up" said conspiracy.

i wish these people would find something less consequential to obsess about. they could try talking to a few people on the spectrum. we're experts at often pointless obsessions. demanding that efforts be wasted to link autism to vaccines is like demanding that efforts be wasted to link iraq to 9/11.

i get that these people can't help themselves. they're obsessed with these conspiracies. when you're always expecting to be deceived and you're always looking for the hidden meaning in the picture, you'll often miss the clearly printed label.

we're people. we don't appreciate being treated like lepers. we don't like being considered "diseased."

...i wonder how most of these conspiracy theorists would react if they looked deeper into this than their youtube-conspiracy videos. how would they respond to all of the aspergian and high functioning autistics who have spent days, weeks, months, or, in some cases, years obsessing about autism who completely discount the correlation of vaccines to autism...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who believes that autism is genetic is a god-damned fool! Vaccines cause autism!

Anonymous said...

I looked at your blog because I have a daughter with Asperger's Syndrome, and was looking up info on Jim Carrey's connection to it. While I'm certain that Mr. Carrey and Ms. McCarthey would not claim to be experts in anything - they do have a connection to autism through her son. I'm disgusted with your "oh you were a playboy model so you must be an idiot" rhetoric. You think that because she was paid to take her clothes off she's stupid? She hasn't researched the medical issues her son is dealing with? She has a non-profit organization that is focused on helping children with autism, so I'm fairly sure she has at least read a few books on the subject.

Just because you don't agree, it doesn't mean you are right. How about if you support ALL parents of autistic children, not just the ones you approve of. It's only through working together that we'll come up with a cure and prevention methods. Best of luck to you and your child - obviously they you have it all figured out, so I'm sure the future is bright for him/her.

Anonymous said...

I am a chemist and I have to say that
I agree with Mr Carrey. Autism and vaccines are definitely linked if you knew what they give the public in the name of profit then you would cut out your tongue for spewing such
un-informed trash.

Anonymous said...

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