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More Mito Docs Speak...

PhotobucketFinally. More mito docs are coming out of the woodwork (please read Mitochondra and vaccines - the science), and speaking out about the Poling case (even those directly involved in it). And, let me back that up by saying these physicians are highly-respected, very intelligent, experts in their fields. They spend their days and nights caring for patients with mitochondrial disease or evaluating people for possible mito abnormalities, performing studies, reading other physician's reports, and researching, researching, researching. These doctors eat, sleep, and breathe mito.

Why any parent would prefer to try and gain understanding of the complexities of mitochondrial disease (something which is a difficult task for most pediatricians and other docs to do even) from a P.R. guy, or a lawyer, or anyone other than the mito experts is beyond me. If your child has a broken bone, would you take medical advice from your stock broker? Now, your stock broker is probably very intelligent, nicely groomed, and well-spoken, but again, wouldn't you rather ask his opinion on the markets than medicine? So, why are so many parents listening to David Kirby and others like it's the gospel?

Make an appointment with Dr. John Shoffner, or Dr. Salvatore DiMauro, or Bruce Cohen, to name a couple. Let them explain the ins and outs of mitochondrial disease. Ask them if vaccines cause it. Ask them what they think of the outcries from those on the anti-vax side. Then, and only then, can real discussion on this topic begin. When you have THE experts on mitochondrial disease, saying that vaccines didn't cause mitochondrial defects in Hannah Poling, what is there to question?

I suppose the anti-vax brigade will claim that "well, they are doctors on the CDC's payroll" or some such nonsense. Take your head out of your asinine conspiracy theory for just a moment. If the running idea is that all these docs are corrupt, out to make a buck, and covert agents for the government--wouldn't they be the ones saying, "yes, kids with autism probably all have mito disease, come get tested by me."

Talk about rolling in the dough. To get a good and thorough evaluation of mitochondrial diseases and other genetic abnormalities, you are easily looking at $20,000 - 40,000. That is PER patient. If every child involved in the omnibus gets such thorough evaluations, these doctors will be millionaires in no time. So, why would these doctors state that vaccines don't cause mitochondrial disease, and therefore, vaccines do not cause the autism (or autistic features) that can sometimes occur along with mitochondrial disease?

They aren't doling out shots in their clinics, so they're not getting paid by Big-Bad-Pharma to be spokespeople for the vaccines. Why would they "cover up" a link between mito and vaccines? For no reason, that's why. There is no link. These physicians have high ethical standards, and if it was found that vaccines indeed caused mitochondrial disease, they would be the first to say it. They are striving to find a cure for mitochondrial disease. There is no reason for them to deny a possible cause to a disease they are fighting to get rid of.

**Hats off to Kristina & Kevin for their coverage on this ever-developing story!


Anonymous said...

"Let them explain the ins and outs of mitochondrial disease. Ask them if vaccines cause it."

I think you need to look at all the articles again as no one is claiming vaccines cause Mitochondrial Desease.
the claim is that children with this Mito disorder may develop "autistiic like symtoms" when vacinated.
personal I think all the 4900 children should be tested it could save a whole heap of money in litigation,, or not.

stopautismquackery said...

@anonymous at 2:01am

"the claim is that children with this Mito disorder may develop "autistiic like symtoms" when vacinated."

Could you please cite the research which says so? Also would you please elaborate on "this Mito disorder". Is _this_ one indexed in the ICD? And if so, where? Thanks.

S.L. said...

Quite a lot are claiming that vaccines can indeed CAUSE mito disease and/or defects. There is another group claiming it is the fever ala vaccines that "bring out" the mito symptoms and/or regression. This, of course, is all in addition to those who claim it's mercury, thimerosal, television, bad parenting, ultrasound, fast food...and the many more theories that are out there.

That's not to say that some of these children, specifically who have "regressive autism" will not end up being diagnosed with mitochondrial disease or other genetic disorder(s). Some will, what %, is yet to be determined.

What should happen, is careful & cautious examination of each case, each child. If there are markers for mito dysfunction, then those children should see a mito expert. That doc will decide whether a biopsy is deemed necessary. Again, the biopsy being an invasive & expensive procedure. Others may be advised to seek out other genetic screenings. But, to blindly send 4900 children to get biopsies, spinal taps, etc. That would be an outrage.